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Extremely Secret Diary - Lego Harry's Journal

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5th October 2003

5:17pm: Back at School.
What a shitty summer. It was so shitty I can barely talk about it. I hardly saw...no, I never saw Hermione, got a totally creepy birthday present from Dudley and a bunch of howlers from Malfoy. Man, I'm sure the whole neighbourhood heard "Harry Potter you are a big fuckhead" and variations thereof every week. My life sucks.

But I'm back at school, I'm 17 and I can see Hermione every day. I've decided to not be a total slut and stick with just Hermione...yup. After that whole mess with Draco, I've decided that it's best I don't mess around.

Yup, old faithful, that's me.

Hmmm...Has Colin been working out this summer? I think he grew some too. God, he has a nice ass....

And Ron...sigh...I still want to play connect the dots all over his body with my tongue.

Draco let his hair grow. It looks sexy on him. Too bad he's such an ass.

Oh, there's Hermione...I'll write more later.
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24th August 2003

9:23pm: I hate my life. I also hate summers at the Dursley's.
Dudley. Keeps. Looking. At. My. Bum!

I bet this is my punishment for what I did to Draco. Man, I can't win, can I. I told the universe I was so sorry for that...well, okay, I didn't tell Malfoy I was, but I would have if I had've seen him before we left Hogwarts. Honest. I wasn't actively avoiding him.

Ugh...but Dudley seems to think he's some kind of stud now and keeps sucking in his gut and puffing out his chest every time he walks by me. I keep wanting to tell him NOBODY can suck in that much gut and look sexy. Besides, he's still overly huge, sucked in gut or no.

Although I am amused at how blue in the face he gets as he's doing this. Heh...keep sucking it in Dudders.

Lately he's been taking to looking at my bum and slavering. This disturbs me and I 'm very glad Uncle Vernon still locks me in my room at night. Dudley is too stupid to figure out how to steal the key to unlock the door. My wand is never far from my side...just in case you know.

I wish I could see Hermione. I really do. We managed to find a few quiet moments to say goodbye, but well, not many. I miss her...and Ron. I wonder how Ron and Colin are making out...er...um...getting together over the summer. I haven't heard from them yet.

I'm still upset about Sirius committing suicide. I mean, what was he thinking? I have enough galleons and could have helped him out. I'm sure Remus would have too. There is such a thing as too much pride and well...man...to lose him AGAIN and for such a stupid reason.

Mind you, I did inherit his estate...which was nice but you know, I'd rather he was back instead.

Damn, I hate my life. And I think Dudley figured out I'm up in this tree and will probably wait forever for me to come down, which may be sooner than I like because this damn branch is giving me a nasty case of numbumitis. Damn...why does it have to be so far from suppertime. Dudley's first love is still food and he'd go off before I'd come down. Damn, damn, damn.

It sucks to be me.
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3rd August 2003

10:15am: Draco Malfoy
Oh my God! Oh My God! OH MY GOD!!!!!!

I can't believe I did that! I don't even know WHY I did that. Why I did any of it! I can't tell anyone about it, not even Hermione! I'm so embarrassed and well, so ashamed. I just can't believe it all happened and I haven't even a chance to apologise.

Oh, God! I don't even know if I can. To face Malfoy again, to just...ugh! I can't do it. It's too embarrassing. He'll expect me to grovel - he'll make me grovel. He'll enjoy making me grovel. He's sadistic, like his father, so that he'll probably invite an audience to witness the Great Harry Potter Humiliation.

Thing is, this time I deserve it. I may hate Malfoy, well, hate is a strong word. I may dislike him a lot, he's a selfish, arrogant git, but I started something I just couldn't go through with and - oh, God! I can barely bring myself to even write about it.

Of course, it all had to start with a big misunderstanding. Or maybe it was a miscommunication.

What HappenedCollapse )

So, now I have no idea what to do. Malfoy must truly despise me. Today he's been acting like I don't even exist at least, but I'm sure in this case he'd be reluctant tot blab it all over how Harry Potter blueballed him. It's also obvious that Ginny doesn't know, or if she does, she's pretending she doesn't. Hermione and Ron know something is up with me, they know me too well, but only Hermione has been asking about it. I still can't tell her. It's still to embarrassing.

I want to talk to Sirius about it, if I can get near him, but that's been hard to do. I've been so busy. I'm not sure where he's going to be during the summer, but I hope I can still reach him if I need to.
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31st May 2003

10:49am: WTF?
Okay, I'm wondering what the hell I did now. I don't get it, things have been going wonderfully for me and now I'm being treated like I'm some sort of horrible person.

For one, all the Gryffindor girls are treating me like I'm some kind of horrible boy with no consideration for girls at all and they're all offering sympathy to Hermione. Colin is acting particularly smug and Malfoy is treating me like I'm something particularly unpleasant he found at the bottom of his shoe (not that this is new or anything, but he'd stopped doing that while he was hitting on me and how it's returned in full force - sometimes he ignores me like I'm not even there).

Some of the other boys have been grinning at me like they have a little secret and more than one has grabbed at me. I'm not sure what the hell is going on this time, but I plan on getting to the bottom of it. I did ask Hermione what she knew but she just looks as confused as I feel. She said she's been getting comments from the girls about what a rotten boyfriend I am and why she puts up with me. She's not sure what that's supposed to mean, unless it has something to do with me and Colin having the occasional liaison and we've been keeping those discreet. Of course Hermione and Ron know about them and I can't imagine that they'd spill but...oh wait....Colin. Dammit! I bet Malfoy did something stupid to him and Colin must have....oooooh! Can't that boy keep his mouth shut! Why does he let Malfoy get to him like that? And Malfoy would tell anyone who'd listen if he had a mind to and given the way he's been lately, he told EVERYONE! Argh!

Why do I have to be desired by the worst possible person in the school and why does he get under everyone's skin like he does and ends up hurting ME!

I hate my life. I'm going to talk to Colin though and find out if anything really did happen. I don't want to jump down his throat in case it wasn't him. That wouldn't be fair to be honest and who knows, maybe Malfoy actually caught us when we didn't realise it. Now that would be rather embarrassing, but what's a boy to do. Especially if that boy is me. I hate being famous. I really do.
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5th May 2003

9:57pm: Colin did the most amazing thing...
He kept referring to it as "The Weasley Trick". I guess after Gin's display it got it's name, but it was truly amazing and I really wish there was some way I could have Hermione learn it. Maybe Ginny can give her a few pointers.

Colin and me, alone, having a good timeCollapse )

So, since the Ginny Breakfast Incident, I've been warning a lot of guys off Ginny. What is surprising me is Draco sticking by her and he's nasty when you cross him the wrong way. Well, I know that from personal experience, but he's even nastier with the others than he ever has been with me. He even put Justin in the infirmary. I was impressed by that. I wouldn't have gone that far, but Justin wasn't exactly mildly rude, he walked up to Ginny, tried to corner her and grabbed her breast. Draco blasted him with something nasty before I could even react. I was furious myself and paid him a little visit. Told him if he thinks what Draco did was nasty, if I ever saw him do it again, to any girl, not just Ginny, I'd do twice as much damage. Judging by the look in his eyes, he believed me.

Slytherin lost some points because of Draco's actions (Flitwick caught Malfoy at it), but Snape just restored them and then added some in Potions class later. This is one time I think docking Slytherin was unwarranted.

Good thing Snape favours the house...heh...McGonagall would have agreed and given a lecture to boot.

But just because I'm happy with Draco and his sticking by Ginny doesn't mean I want to shag him...or find out if he has a trick of his own. Really. Not at all.
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21st April 2003

11:33pm: Isn't Easter suposed to be a RELIGIOUS holiday.
I'm sure I saw God on Easter Sunday...several times in fact.

Ginny deep throated a banana. If that wasn't enough, Draco was going down on an eclair. I'm not sure which turned me on more, imagining Draco's mouth over my eclair or my banana shoved down Ginny's throat.

Well, unfortunately McGonagall stopped the entertainment and after she ushered Ginny out of the feast hall I grabbed a napkin and left to take care of my erection...and found an empty classroom in which to do it in.

Just as I was about ready to have my date with the napkin, I heard someone come into the room.


Colin. Colin who has a crush on me and Colin who gives great head and who is quite sexy...far from the annoying git he was several years ago.

Colin who offered to teach me all about what Ginny did with the banana. I saw God several times that day. Wow! It was mind-blowing. I was and am eager to learn more.

And I can't wait for Hermione to learn that trick!

Wonder if Ron would let me practice on him too.

And I wonder if Draco knows how to do that too...no, no...thta will ruin my perfect moment.
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19th April 2003

11:39pm: Deep penetrating relief.
Since he came out of the infirmiry, I have been locked into some sort of room with Draco Malfoy no less than 7 times. SEVEN TIMES!

I wish he'd just stop it. It's getting harder and harder to resist him. I know he's the one who keeps locking us in, even if he says it's not him. Every time this happens he makes passes at me and acts like he's entitled to have a piece of me. I don't care if he has a hot body and fills out his uniform very well, I'm not going to give in to him.

I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'M NOT!

I'm so not, he's so hot!

Um...forget that last bit.

I know Hermione won't mind if I shag Malfoy...but after his comment about her being a Mudblood when the giant cats attacked, I don't want to give him the satisfaction of "winning me over". Besides, his creepy father keeps visiting Hogwarts. I want nothing to do with the Malfoys. They're trouble, serious trouble.

I don't care if they're a good-looking family. I don't care if Draco's hot...it doesn't change the fact he's a gorf and nothing more than serious trouble.

And it doesn't matter that I'd just love to run my tongue down that washboard stomach of his and down the length of his...er...I gotta go now.
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15th March 2003

11:01pm: Very. Pissed. Off. For many reasons.
I am so very pissed off!

You know, I know I did something "wrong" when I went to spy on Ginny and Malfoy and I did deserve Ginny's wrath, but you know, I'm so mad at her right now, pigs will fly before I'll tell her anything.

My shitty dayCollapse )
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10th March 2003

11:48am: Okay, I HAVE to come clean.
I had the worst sleep ever last night. Worse than even when Voldemort acts up and my scar hurts (he's been pretty quiet lately, he must be cooking up something good). So, I've decided to come clean and tell Ginny why I was really behind the tree Saturday AND fess up everything. She's been honest with me about Malfoy, I can be honest with her about him too.

I still feel like an idiot, but at least I'd be an honest idiot. I'll talk to her tonight after dinner. And I'm not ever doing this again!
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9th March 2003

2:09pm: I'm so confused.
And I'm totally ashamed of myself.

Find out whyCollapse )
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3rd March 2003

9:40pm: Poor Ginny
Well, Ginny and I had a talk. Boy, I really feel for her. She's pretty confused about this whole thing with Malfoy. To be honest, I don't blame her one bit for shagging him. I likely would have done the same if it were me in her shoes. And I'd make sure I enjoyed it too.

Thing is, her telling me about it was, well...it kind of made me see Malfoy in a different light. I mean, he was actually nice and considerate and even cared about how Ginny felt and all when they were, erm...doing it. That surprised me. Malfoy - NICE? Malfoy - CONSIDERATE?

I'm not sure I can look at him the same way again. And he is hot. And cute. And hot.

Still, I don't want Ron to find out. I'm actually WORRIED about Malfoy and what will happen to him. Then again, Malfoy can more than take care of himself. I've seen him in action and even if he didn't cheat he'd give Ron a run for his money. Maybe I should worry less about him and more about Ron getting expelled for trying to beat the crap out of him once this gets out.

Or...oh, what am I thinking? I'm sure the professors here know what we do when they're not around. No one is going to get expelled because they got down and dirty with someone their own age.

On a lighter note, we had fits of giggles in Potions class today. Gryffindor lost about 40 points through the class because we just couldn't stop. All through the class, Snape went around with a green feather stuck out of the back of his hair for almost the whole class. Then Malfoy told him it was there. I think the old Snake took off an extra 10 points just for good measure. Still, it was funny. What a shade of green that was too...lime green. Yuk.

Ah, it was worth it though. Wonder where he got the green feather from?
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2nd March 2003

10:10pm: Oh God, Oh God, Oh God....
We so cannot tell Ron this happened. I've taken a secret pact that Ron will never, never, never, never, EVER find out about this from ME! NOT EVER. I will deny any knowledge of it if asked. I will lie through my teeth.

But I am GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE CHAT WITH GINNY ABOUT IT! Once I recover from shock and revulsion, that is.

I totally found out by accident. Well, er...not really. What happened was, Colin approached me to talk to me very privately. So privately in fact that we had put a silencing spell around the very close quartered closet he dragged me into. I thought at first he was going to come on to me or something...but no...he wanted to talk about some disturbing news he had found out about Ginny and wanted my advice on it.

To make a long story short, he told me Ginny got shagged in the Prefects' Bath by Malfoy. And it would seem that Ginny was just as eager to get shagged as Malfoy was in shagging her. I guess he walked in on them without them realising it as he was going to get ready for his liason with Ron.


Colin wanted to know if he shold tell Ron. My reaction was: "Are you fucking nuts?!!!!!

Guess that answerd that question.

He wanted to know what to do. I told him the best thing to do was to keep it as quiet as possible. Ron was NOT to know. Not ever...not from us anyway. First of all, he'd KILL Malfoy and that would just cause all sorts of problems. Then he'd probably kill Ginny.

I asked Colin if it looked like she really did enjoyed it.

"Hell, yes," he said. There goes any chance of using the forced card if push came to shove, so to speak.

Good God, what was Ginny thinking and what was Malfoy thinking? He must have known Ron is going to kill him when he finds out.

So, I told Colin to keep it mum for now. I'll talk to Ginny about it and hopefully things will work out. Who knows, maybe Ron won't realise his sister is walking funny and has a big happy ass grin on her face. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll talk to Ginny and we'll figure this out.

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22nd February 2003

6:55pm: Okay, I admit it!
Yes, I think Draco Malfoy is sexy and cute.

Is everyone happy now? Satisfied? I admit it. I totally admit it.


Well, maybe in a different universe...you know, one where he's actually a pretty decent guy, instead of some Slytherin spoiled git who is a complete arse.
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5:20pm: Oh Man!
For Colin coming up with the plan = docked 100 house points

For everyone in Gryffindor House getting in on the plan = docked a total of 500 points (seems some of those should have gone to Ravenclaw but they were brilliant in covering up their tracks)

For Harry Potter sending the final Valentine via Dobby to Infirmiry = docked 100 house points and given "I'm very disappointed in you, Harry" lecture by Dumbledore.

Total points to date for Valentine's Day: 700 house points docked (sorry, Colin, I was wrong about it being 260 points).

Malfoy's reaction = priceless.

And I'd do it again.
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10th January 2003

9:34pm: Revenge is Sweet...
Oh yes, I have found a way to bugger Malfoy up...at least for the time being.

Oh, uh...well, not literally bugger him up. I know he'd like that...I mean it figuratively.

Anyway, I found out he is totally creeped out by House Elves, especially Dobby. Seems he was actually GLAD that I got Dobby freed. Well, when I found out of course, I had to play it up...told him the House Elves were everywhere and that Dobby LIKED to service the Slytherin common room and dorms. After all, where does Malfoy think he gets all those fluffy towels and nicely scented soap. Sure isn't Professor Snape supplying those.

I really didn't discover how bad it was until I made an off-handed comment when I caught him picking on Ginny after a Slytherin Quidditch practice. He was still in his gear and it was all muddy and wet. I told him not to be so inconsiderate since the House Elves would have to clean up the mess, and were likely waiting in the wings to do just that. I meant to give Ginny an opportunity to get away, but I was amazed at how that comment made Malfoy jump. He whirled around and looked like he was terrified. He totally forgot about Ginny and hurried off, his head darting to and fro as he went off.

Ginny and I looked at each other, I'm sure I looked as astonished as she did, but then we just grinned at each other. Obviously we caught a weakness in the Malfoy indifference. Malfoy has a phobia about House Elves.

Oh, I'm going to have soooo much fun with this. And I so have to tell everyone about it.
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4th January 2003

11:50am: Yes, it's true.
For those of you who really want to know, or are speculating, yes, Hermione and I are dating. She is officially my girlfriend.

So no, it's not a joke that we're holding hands in the hallway.

And, so everyone knows, Colin and I are friends again. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding and we have talked about it and "made up".

And Ron and I are NOT fighting over Colin either. We never were. What Ron and Colin do together is between them and is no one else's business. What Colin does with anybody isn't anyone's business, and that means you, Malfoy. What Ron does with anyone is his own business.

And oh, about that incident with Ginny, the one at Christmas, nothing really happened. Besides, it would be like incest or something - I'm not really into that. Kissing Ginny was like kissing my Aunt Petunia...and I mean that metaphorically. I now know what kissing a sibling-like person is like. As most of you know, I'd not kiss my Aunt Petunia under normal cicumstances if my life depended on it, but Ginny is not that icky. Sorry I can't entertain all you busybodies further with that one.

And Hermione was very understanding. She's more understanding than most folks realise...and open minded. I mean...really open minded. Deliciously open minded....

Hmmm...wonder if she's busy right now. There's this new thing I learned that I want to try out.
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15th November 2002

5:07pm: Colin and Ron
I'm still angry at Colin. He's been very cold and behaving stupidly the last little while. Thing is, I know Ron likes him and since I'm not sure how much he likes him, I haven't said anything to him about our disagreement. I'm sure Ron knows anyway. Mind you, I think Ron is still tring to get it around his head that Hermione and I are..well, are something...I'm not sure what.

You know, if Ron really likes Colin then I'm happy for him. I mean, Colin is interested and all and well, even if Ron just thinks of me as his buddy, then fine. I mean, I'd rather see him happy and all that.

And well, if something does end up going on between Colin and Ron, then I should at least be on speaking terms with Colin. Not that I did anything wrong...I so didn't do anything wrong.

I'm going to have to think on this more and it's time I had a chat with Ron about it.
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9th November 2002

12:14am: ARGH!!!
Can't I DO ANYTHING and let it be mine? Can't I have a life where every single one of my doings is not scrutinised and gossiped about. I mean, how the hell did ANYONE find out that Hermione and I were shagging in the empty classroom? I could pull out my hair by the fistfuls!

Now I KNOW Hermione wouldn't tell anyone. Not at all. That would be social suicide for her, but the night after it happened, when I went up to the boys dorm, Ron confronted me and Seamus, Dean and Neville were smirking behind him! And Ron of course has to be crude about it.

"So, heard you shagged Hermione's head off in an empty classroom," he said, hands on his hips looking rather pissed off.

"What?!" was my eloquent reply.

"Way to go, Harry!" was what Dean said. Seamus nodded his agreement. Yeah, they would think it was a major score.

"Was she any good?" Neville asked.

"NEVILLE!!!!" was my next eloquent reply.

"Shut up you guys," Ron said. "So, Harry, you going to spill or what?"

They wanted me to tell them about it. I mean, blab...every sordid detail. Well, no I wasn't going to do that. I'm not that big of a bastard. Sure, Malfoy might brag to his buddies or to anyone who'd listen to him, about his conquests, but not me.

"No, it's none of your business," I replied.

I will gloat at the disappointed look on their faces.

Well, of course the next day EVERYBODY in the whole fucking school knew about it and I really want to know how the hell they all found out.

I wonder if Colin's been stalking me again. Of course, he's not exactly hiding the fact he can't belive I'd find Hermione attractive. She hasn't had buck teeth since fourth year AND her hair is nice and soft, thank you very much. Just because it's all frizzy and has a mind of it's own doesn't mean it feels like steel wool.

And then Draco keeps looking at me like he thinks I'm insane or something. Or like he's going to toss his cookies. Ugh...I just wish I knew who was telling everyone, or who started it, because I'd sure has hell curse them to hell and back again.

I haven't had a chance to talk to Hermione about it. I hope she's okay. I'll have to get her alone and see if she's okay and I hope that doesn't mean we won't be able to get together again.
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26th October 2002

10:10pm: First time.
The weirdest thing happened to me today. I mean, it wasn't really supposed to happen, but it did and it was really weird, but y'know, I rather liked it. We've decided to do it again....things were rather awkward and uncomfortable at first so we figured it should get better with practice.

Oh, yeah, um...well...I had sex with Hermione.

Okay, the whole thing is so convoluted that I guess I better start from the beginning. It really all started with Draco Malfoy...most things usually do start with him but anyway, because of him, Ron and I got a detention and while out in the rain we had to clean off shit from the Ravenclaw stands in the Quidditch pitch. I took advantage of the fact that it was wet and cold to snuggle up to Ron, but he didn't seem to get it. He acted like he always does...all we are are best pals, and totally oblivious to the fact that I WANT HIM REALLY BAD!!! It was most frustrating.

So, I was not in a happy mood, cold, wet and horny and the object of my affection totally not interested, I trudged on back to the Gryffindor Tower and as I was on my way to get cleaned up and dried off, I run into Malfoy. He's acting all cutesy and batting his eyes at me and stuff and I'm wondering what sort of drugs he's been taking so I asked him if he'd been getting into Snape's secret stash again.

At least Malfoy had the decency to drop the facade. "What is it with you, Potter? You're acting like nothing happened!" He said to me.

"Like what 'nothing happened'?" I replied.

"The other day, in the showers..." he gave me a coy look.

"What, where Ron turned you purple, you fell flat on your ass and then grew ferret ears?"

Draco made a sound like I was an idiot. "No, before that, you know, you, the invisibility cloak..."

"What the hell are you talking about Malfoy? Did you steal my cloak?"

"No! Why would I want to steal anything from YOU, Potter," he said. "I'm rich enough I can get my own stuff. Wasn't it YOU who accosted me before Weasel showed up and dragged me out of the shower?"

"No." I said simply. "I wouldn't waste the use of my invisibility cloak to meet up with you."

Draco, if at all possible, went a few shades paler.

"Then who..?" his voice trailed off.

"I dunno, but if you know where my cloak is, I want it back or I'm going to have to pay a visit to Dumbledore," I was in no mood for Draco's dramatics.

Malfoy backed away from me...he looked like he was about to be sick. "No, I don't know, but someone does...they used it to...well, approach me in the showers. I don't know..." he bolted off.

Well, I felt a little better after that.

So, now I know someone did indeed steal my cloak, and used it to meet up with Malfoy, but he doesn't even know who. He thought it was ME! Oh, ew.

Well, not totally ew. He does look hot naked.

Anyway, enough of that. So, now I'm trying to figure out who stole my cloak and I FINALLY make it up to the Tower to get myself dry and I'm in a foul mood because Ron is stupid, I'm wet and cold and SOMEONE used my invisibility cloak to do something disgusting with Malfoy. So, I go into the boys washroom and there's Colin, brushing his teeth like he couldn't get whatever bad taste in his mouth ouf of it and that just pissed me off even more. I was truly in a foul mood and although the other boys in my dorm were having a roaring pillow fight I refused to join in, even if all that jumping up and down made Ron all sweaty and flushed (which I find adorable) and went to bed. I even hollered at them all to shut up, which garnered a few nasty comments, but fuck them.

So, the next day I was in an even fouler mood because all night I had dreams about DRACO MALFOY instead of RON and just wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone. So, I wandered off on my own after dinner and found a nice quiet and empty classroom to kick at dustbunnies and fume at the world, since during lunch, Hermione returned my very musty smelling Invisibility cloak to me. Malfoy saw her do it and got even paler than he did the day before. He left lunch in a hurry.

Anyway, Hermione told me she found it a the bottom of her storage chest and didn't know how it got there. I asked her to keep it our little secret for a while. She said sure, but seemed distracted. I know she's been working on a project with Susan Bones, I guess it's getting to her.

Only Hermione.

So, I find this classroom after dinner and I'm having a good fume when Hermione shows up. She looks a bit frazzled but doesn't say anything at all. Before I could ask her what was wrong, she runs up to me, throws her arms around me and snogs me right there and then. Boy, was I surprised. I didn't think she thought of me that way at all. Besides, it's not like Hermione to do that so I asked her, once I peeled her off me, who put the Imperius curse on her.

"No one," she said, rather breathless. "I just want...I want..."

I didn't let her finish.

Well, for anyone who wants to know, first time having sex is NOTHING like it is in the movies. Hermione and I decided all that crap of it being wonderful and all mushy is all a lie. In reality it's awkward, messy, sweaty and there's lots of heavy breathing. I don't know who was more embarassed, me for...well...nevermind. Or her for...whatever it was she was embarassed about.

By the time we figured out how everything was supposed to fit, and that I really did have to ditch the glasses, I think I'd popped off several time. Poor Hermione...good thing I'm a teenage boy and it doesn't take me long...

Oh, and we did other things. Hermione isn't bad at the whole blow job thing. Wonder how she knew to do that? I'm not sure what she thought of me though. I'd never done anything like THAT to a girl before.

I rather liked it though, and she must have thought it was okay too because she said she wanted to try it again. :) I was okay with that.

So, now I'm really confused. I like boys and all, but I sure do like girls too. Now what am I going to do? How do I tell Colin? Do I have to choose? Can't I have both? I'm so very confused.

But I'm no longer a virgin. If that means anything to anyone other than me...and Hermione.
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20th October 2002

6:27pm: Hey!
Someone has stolen my invisibility cloak. I have looked for it everywhere and can't find it. Ron hasn't borrowed it. I asked him. I'm very upset by this and not because it may fall into nefarious hands, I'm upset because it's the only thing I have that once belonged to my father.

And why is Colin so obsessive about brushing his teeth and using mouthwash? He just goes at it until I'm sure he's brushed all the enamel on his teeth off. I hope he didn't decide that I was just too icky for words and he has to get the taste of me out of his mouth. Sigh.

And why does Draco look at me all dreamy-like? I hate him. He knows it, but he's acting like we have this big secret between us...

Ron and I got a detention from Madame Hooch. Draco told her that it was Ron who put him in the state of purple and ferretness. We tried to tell her what Draco did to Ron, but we had fixed it before she met with us, so of course, the evidence was gone.

I told Ron if we want to beat Draco at something, we have to start thinking like him. That went over well "Me?! Think like a slimy Malfoy. That's not even genetically possible."

Leave it to Ron to use biology as an aversion to Malfoy. Heh.

Off to look for my invisibility cloak....again.
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12th October 2002

8:16pm: Wow!
Draco Malfoy has a very hot body. I mean, very, very hot. I never knew he was so...well muscled and fit and so beautifully proportioned!

I still hate him though. Totally.

But wow, what a wonderful body...and luminous skin. That was, until Ron turned him purple. Gotta say this, purple is NOT Malfoy's colour.

And he looks so cute with ferret ears.

I wonder what he was doing in the shower. Ron says when the duel started, Malfoy had a woody that was fairly impressive, although Ron wasn't going to tell HIM that. It was gone by the time I arrived. Damn!

But wow, Draco sure is sexy. I can see why all the girls are after him now.

I mean, to have that well muscled, sweaty body naked, against yours....rawr!

Dum da da da...dum...

Um, NO, I'm not thinking of Malfoy. Nope. Not even imagining what he looks like with a hard on. That would be too gross. I'm picturing Ron. Yes, I am. Blonde hair, pale skin...uh, red hair, ruddy skin with all those glorious freckles!!! Yeah...Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron....

But Draco sure is hot!

I totally hate Draco Malfoy. With all my being. Hate him, hate him, hate him!

But he sure does look good naked!

I will NOT think aoubt Malfoy. I will NOT think about Malfoy....think Ron, think Ron...yeah...it's working now...I've banished that slimy, wet, glistening, naked git from my brain...

Um, excuse me. I need to take care of something!
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30th September 2002

6:01pm: Now I'm really confused.
Malfoy came up to me today and screamed in my face "I hate you Harry Potter!" and stormed off looking like he wanted to kill something.

Could he have heard about Colin and I?

I'm so embarassed.

Thing is, and I'm not sure why, but Draco saying that hurt my feelings. It really did. I mean, I don't care if he likes me or not, but...well...maybe I really do.

Argh...Okay, I did like what Colin did to me in the brrom closet and I rather liked reciprocating and sure, I wish it was Ron that was there and all, and I didn't think of Malfoy at all when that was going on, but well, he said he hated me and seemed to really mean it and now I feel bad.

Oh, I'm being stupid. I'm glad Malfoy hates me. Of course, this now means he'll double his efforts to humiliate me, hurt me and try to get me expelled or in trouble with Snape, but at least there'll be no more ass grabbing, rubbing up against me nor any faces in my crotch again. I can handle the pranks and other stupid things Malfoy will do to try and get me kicked out from Hogwarts, so maybe this is a good thing.

Yeah, it's a good thing. Fuck Malfoy...screw him. I don't need him to like me. I've got lots of other people here who do!

Yeah, fuck him and all his slimy Slitherlimps!

I wonder if he did find out about me and Colin though.
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28th September 2002

10:12pm: Colin
Colin has a nice little set up in the closet next to the Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Nice lighting, very comfy. I didn't know darkrooms were supposed to be set up like that.

Very cosy indeed.

The problem was, of course, broom closets were not made for more than one person to be in it at a time, especially since we had to squish in there. It wasn't unpleasant, it was just well, cramped.

I do have to say Colin is very good with the photographs. The ones he took of Ron were delightful and very provacative. He's letting me keep a few. Ron carries quite the package and I found out that Colin does as well.

It got hot in the broom closet. I don't know if it was because the door was closed and there was no air circulating or because of...um...bodyheat, but the chemicals did make my head giddy, along with no air, and well, things sorta happened. I didn't intend for them too. Now I Don't know What To Do.

You see, between the heat and the chemicals and the pictures themselves. Things sort of erm...developed. And with Colin in close vacinity and rubbing up against me on occasion, things well...grew and then got rather uncomfortable, physically that is, and well, Colin has nice hands and a nice mouth and I really did enjoy that um...well...that thing he did while I sat on the stool and then I reciprocated and well, it WAS nice...but I like Ron and I'm sorry to say that it was the Ron pictures that kinda really got me interested and well, Colin was there, and wanting to and Now What?

Now What?

It really was nice, and I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I really wished it was Ron that was here. Sigh...

Draco's going to be pissed about this too. Wait, why should I care if he's pissed or not? But what's Ron going to think?

And what do I do about Colin?

I'm so confused.
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22nd August 2002

10:01pm: Malfoy Grabbed MY ASS!!!!
Okay, that's it. I know for sure now that Malfoy has some sick twisted thing for me. He grabbed my arse during seeker practice. I'm not kidding, he did!

And what the fuck is it with Ron and Colin?

Anyway, well, Madame Hooch had released a couple of snitches into the air and we were to to catch them and let them go again. Well, there I spotted one and what do you know, Malfoy is following me on his broom. Stupid prat flew right up against me, leering at me like he was some pervert or something. Well, yeah, he is a pervert in a sense, but...well, I was getting really close to the snatch...er...snitch and just as I was about to grab it, Malfoy grabbed my arse. Just reached out and gave it a hard squeeze.

I was so surprised, I forgot about the snitch and Malfoy caught it. As he flew off I called him a few nasty names, but he laughed and said "Come on, Potter, you loved it!"

Stupid git. Why does he have to go after all the snitches I do? I'm sure he's in love with me or something.

And that the hell is Ron doing with Colin? I thought Ron had a thing for Hermione! And why isn't he noticing ME?!

Well, Draco does play the seeker position well, and he has a nice body. He gets slighty rosy cheeks when he's worked out some. It's rather cute. And I never realised just how grey his eyes are.

But I don't like him. Not one bit. No...not the slightest.
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16th August 2002

12:09am: I Hate My Life
Oh no! Madame Hooch must totally hate me.

A whole evening putting up with Malfoy in seeker coaching. He's insufferable. I wonder if I can complain that my scar is hurting so I can get out of it. I just hope that I don't get pushed into his crotch or something. That would be totally disgusting.

I wonder what Hooch has Colin doing that she doesn't need to supervise him? I hope it's nothing too nasty, like playing cards with Snape or something. Poor Colin.

Maybe I'll see if Ron can come along and watch the practice. If he's there, maybe Malfoy will leave me alone since he'll be too busy showing off for Ron.

I hope Malfoy isn't going to try and get into Ron's trousers or something. I'll have to kill him if he tries anything. Malfoy that is.
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